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Cambodia Photo Blog

Entertaining a village full of Khmer children in a Muslim settlement outside Battambang

Khmer BBQ! Squid and chilly sauce at Phsar Thmey Central Market

Stunning Khmer architecture at the National Museum of Cambodia in Phnom Penh

Beautiful Buildings in The Royal Palace of Cambodia

The atmospheric indoor Russian market in Phnom Penh

Tasty and cheap street food in Phnom Penh

My lovely friend Tim Tim, professional clown, yoga buddy & street food dining companion

The 'best iced coffee in Phnom Penh! in the Russian Market. They actually have their own Facebook page
And this is the reason why it's so good... It is full of sticky, sweet, condensed milk!  Half  a tin of the stuff! 
Tuol Sleng Genocide Musuem or the S-21 prison, a former school where inmates where tortured to extract confessions. Over '17,000 'suspects' were 'processed' here, of which only 12 survived. Nightmare-inducing stuff but essential testament to the madness of the Khmer Rouge.
Horrific images of forced evacuations, one of the Khmer Rouge's first and most radical moves to enslave citizens as peasants in work camps in order to create an 'ideal' communist society 

Choeung Ek Memorial at one of the many Killing Fields or execution sites...full of the skulls of victims of the Khmer Rouge

Pretty in Pink in Phnom Penh

Me and Dana - my HCMC partner in crime, reunited in Happy 11 Backpackers

Buddha statues in a temple around Battambang
All aboard the rackety, clackety bamboo train - there is only one track along which 'carriages' made from Bamboo go in either direction. If a collision is imminent, the carriage with the least amount of people behind it has to be lifted off and disassembled to allow the train coming the other way to pass. Slightly farcical, very fast and lots of fun! 
Receiving a massage from the craggy hands of a blind Khmer woman. Life changing.

Just some of the 216 giant faces of King Jayavarman VII at Bayon Temples, Siem Reap

Crowds gather for sunrise at the infamous Angkor Watt temple

The sun beginning to peep out behind Angkor Watt 

The incredible temple of Ta Promh, being swallowed up by jungle, was used as a film set for 'Tomb Raider' 

Monks on a bike
Exquisite bas relief from Angkor Watt temple depicting the infamous 'churning of the ocean of milk' story of Hindu cosmology in which gods and demons churn the ocean for 1,000yrs to release amritam the nectar of immortality 

Meditating at Beng Melay, ironically a temple dedicated to Vishnu the preserver and now completely reclaimed by nature. A long tuk tuk drive out from the main temple complex at Angor but arguably the highlight of all the ruins. We were the only people there and clambered around in perfect peace
John Beaton (who I met on that infamous bus ride in Vietnam) and I decided one breakfast to make a film in a day in a Cambodian temple. Within 2 hours we had it storyboarded and scripted, had procured cast and crew and 2 x tuk tuks to convey us to the 'set'. A few hours later, it was in the can! Nice work
Action shot! Filming in the back of a tuk tuk

There are huge communities of Vietnamese, Khmer, Chinese and Cham people living on the Mekong Delta, either on boats or on structures like these on stilts and making their living as farmers and fishermen

Film directors

Cast and crew

Mekong Delta people

Cheeky little Khmer children
Traditional Khmer hats

Traditional Khmer dress - different colours are worn on different days of the week

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