Friday, 18 May 2012

Signs of India: Photo Blog

As all travellers to this wonderful country come to know and love, India is home to so many idiosyncrasies. One of my favourite things is the Indian tendency to be very creative in its use of the English language, particularly when it comes to signage. Although I was unable to capture all of them (one of my favourite road signs being: "Dear, I like you, but not your speed"), I select for you below a few of the best which just speak for themselves:

The best was an Englishman's response to this in Jaisalmer - he simply said "I don't have the money...!"

Apparently there is 'no parkig' in Kanyakumari
I wish that this were actually true...
I love this sign, from a tiny hole in the wall in Udaipur which basically only sold chocolate and cigarettes
The crossed out 's' is just the icing on the cake...
I mean, who was thinking of parking on a box of eggs anyway? 
The motto of the Keralan police! That's bound to put the fear of God into would-be crims! 
If you listen very quietly you can hear them rapping...
Loving the handiwork..
STD in India actually means 'phone credit' - so you see these signs everywhere. We never tired of saying "I'm just off to get some STD"
I'm not sure that fitting multiple wives under one bed cover would be a problem for most Western tourists....

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  1. Ladies and gents

    I know that many more hilarious signs of India exist out there, so please feel free to send me your pics and I will include them here, referencing you.




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