Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ashram Photo Blog

There were so many amazing moments in the ashram and it is hard to explain them all. My  complete photo sets are on Google + but I thought that I would include some further images for you here, just to give a slice of my ashram life....

Joseph's yogic contortion ability at the ashram 'talent show'

Ganesha puja

Diagram drawn by priest to invoke energies

Prasad on a banana leaf

Rajesh the astrologer who read my chart

Demonstrating 'jala neti' - ritual nasal cleansing

Another nasal & throat cleanse with rubber length (!)

I'm am old hand at jala neti

Jack fruits in the ashram courtyard -  these are chopped for food

The panchakarma ladies
Shree, who gave me my daily panchakarma oil massages

Drinking the foul panchakarma purgation concoction

The Sivananda Institute of Health where I underwent Ayurvedic treatment

Me in the Head Stand, king of all the yoga asanas

Leaving Lakshmi womens dorm....

So happy to be free!

Shafts of morning sunlight as I make my descent back to civilisation

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